The smoking room is in Narnia? 

Eating out in Paris at a restaurant called Derrière, we spotted somebody walk past the toilet. There was only a wardrobe at the end of the corridor. We went to investigate. ​ ​

The Windmill.

Windmill on a hill Solitary, motionless A life unfulfilled

The Gilded Cock.

I can make out a face In the church tower. Shocked, puckered mouth And limestone tears. Elaborate earrings draped Across hunched shoulders And a witches hat mocking The four winds that spin The Gilded Cock.

Nice. A vision in blue.

Blue sea, from pale to milky to a deep navy horizon line.  Blue sky, pale at the sea, rising in intensity towards the zenith.  Blue sunbeds, blue parasols, blue tshirts. Blue stripes.  Wisps of white clouds in the sky, feathery and translucent.  Blue finned planes cutting across the sky towards the thin brown line of…

Always On. #FlashFiction

My first life ended when a loose connection in the CO2 condenser in my flight suit blew me out of the sky.

The clean up crew. #FlashFiction

His good eye opened and followed me around the room as i disinfected the air. “I’m not contagious anymore, you can untie me.” I ignored him and adjusted my face mask, his weeping scabs spoke more truth than he did. “You’re going on a trip,” I said, as i tightened his constraints. I cycled through…


Following two years of studying creative writing at the University of Leicester, I submitted one of my stories to the annual magazine published by the centre for new writing, The New Luciad. Very exciting to see it in print.

The urge to understand.

Understanding suicide. Trying to understand what happens when a friend decides to end their life may be futile, but I find reading about it, although distressing, strangely cathartic. The psychology of suicide, the numerous methods, the prevalence of mental health issues, philosophical treaties, all help to give a picture of why it happened. An imperfect picture,…

The #Daredevil bad guy.

I’ve watched five episodes of Daredevil and by far the most interesting character is Wilson Fisk, aka the Kingpin. We are first introduced to him as he looks at a piece of art he admires. Then we learn he is interested in a woman at the gallery and he is lonely and seemingly insecure. I…