Is John Williams more important to the Star Wars universe than Darth Vader? Thoughts on the #RogueOne trailer

Rogue One: A Star Wars story dropped a new trailer today. I loved it obviously.

But. This will be the first Star Wars film without a John Williams score and this fact worries me. It’s exciting that new stories are being told in this universe and new directors and composers will be able to make their mark. The question which will eternally be asked is how much can you change things until it stops being recognisable as a Star Wars film?

The senses are a powerful gateway to the nostalgia drug we’re all mainlining these days. We all know that familiar theme tune that sparks lost memories, or a smell that transports us directly to a specific time and place.

For me it’s the music of John Williams that sparks this nostalgia. My emotional receptivity to The Force Awakens trailer when it first aired was mainly due to the incredible music and its ability to transport me to my childhood.

I fear the film will be enjoyable but seem like a hazy facsimile, an incomplete experience. Emotionally hollow.

The inclusion of Darth Vader as an anchor to continuity seems comforting, but to me the John Williams score has always been the emotional heart of the films and far more important than any one character.

My (new) hope is that this fear is unfounded and the story itself will win me over.  Trailer



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  1. James feddi says:

    I am going to troll u lots of love james xx


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