The Iceman.

He saw the ribs first. Raw, pink branches, breaching the surface of the ice and creating eddies of snow as the wind skated across the lake and between the bones. It appeared the body was frozen into the lake and the protruding ribs on its left side were gnawed bare. As he moved to get a closer look he noticed the body was naked. The head sat half under the ice; the side of the face and left eye were left untouched by scavengers and his expression made it look like the man was slightly embarrassed to be seen in this compromising position.

James stood over the corpse. He noticed the pool of red obscuring the area that would have been his genitals and followed the stain to where he saw the complete set floating in the ice a metre from where they were usually attached. The man’s face was pale and frostbitten and his silver eyelashes shimmered with frost. James bent down to get a closer look as the wind whipped the flap of loose scalp covered in white hair. The embarrassed pink eye stared up at him. It blinked.


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  1. Excellent Guy. It is like the opening of a new 12 part Danish thriller!


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